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Moviestarplanet Hack - How does it work?


Our team of highly skilled developpers decided to do something generally speaking good for our children. We've been bothered countless times to buy them VIP on this so called "Moviestarplanet" video game or social network. Either way, I was surprised the prices were so high, and therefore I/We we were definitly not going to pay that huge ammount of money! So what did we do? We got our hands to work! We've released a moviestarplanet desktop hack application nearly one year ago, and decided to make it even easier, we decided to make an online version of it!

Moviestarplanet Hack - Instructions

In order to get Free VIP and Unlimited Diamonds and Starcoins on your Moviestarplanet account, the first thing you need to do is go to the main page of our website- Click Here - Once in there, click on the "Access Moviestarplanet Hack" Button and go ahead and complete the two steps required before entering the moviestarplanet online hack tool! This steps are a simple share and a tweet about us and that's it! You are on your way to get unlimited and FREE VIP - Starcoins and Diamonds!

Moviestarlaner Hack – Commonly Asked Questions | FAQ

How many times can I repeat this?

You can repeat the hack at least 1 time a day! It's actually fairly simple, you just need to get yourself an activation key, and that's it! Once you have the activation key you can active the hack successfully!

Is this Online Moviestarplanet Hack legal?

Yes! Ofcourse it is - Changing some values on an online game isn't a crime! Haha, relax and just enjoy the game - What is a crime is charging children to have fun in a game with their friends!

What vip am I getting?

Accordingly to what you choose(the time range) we always work with Elite VIP, nothing else, you always getting the Elite VIP Option :)

Does the Moviestarplanet Hack worldwide?

Yes, we work worldwide, when you submit your username we automatically check where you are from and therefore see what country that account might be in accordingly to your location. Let's say you are entering our website from the USA, then we will add the VIP, Starcoins and Diamonds to the username you submited registered on the American Moviestarplanet Database.